where’s the money tree?

I know I briefly mentioned we were moving into a new to us house.

Honestly I feel like we keep moving into houses, making them nice, and then handing them off to someone else to enjoy as their forever home.

It’s like we are the home fixer fairies.

You’re welcome, families in Georgia, Colorado, and Arkansas.

Really though. It’s kind of nice to be able to give that kind of “gift” so to speak. It’s hard because we have to leave the lovely house we made, but it’s also fun to be able to give the joy to someone else.

At this point in our, “No, we aren’t a military family we just get moved around a lot” life, I’m fairly confident we can make a nice house. It’s kind of the obvious knock on effect when you have two super type A personalities living under the same roof who have ticks about certain things and cannot deal until they are made whole.

Each house we have owned has sold faster than the last. And by faster I mean one took two weeks. The next 1.5 weeks. The last a week exactly.

I’m going to be kicking myself in a few years if the house we are buying now takes longer than that to sell. Fingers crossed it doesn’t. 

Anyway, we are currently in the throes of figuring out what we want to do to this new to us house. There are lots of things we could do, but because we aren’t staying here forever, we have to be selective.

Selective means we can’t put more money in the house than we can get out. Don’t get upside down. Make money on the sale, don’t lose it.

I told Tim I wanted to make the coat closet by the garage door a makeshift mudroom because that area was really poorly designed, entirely too narrow, and who puts three doors in a tiny space within five feet of one another??

I needed a functional space for the boys to take off and store their shoes and such and I had to get rid of a door. 

Enter mudroom in a closet, aka remove the door.

And then Tim was all, “Take off the door???!”

I am a creative person. I think in ways Tim cannot conceive. I have learned I need to communicate in pictures.

I showed him the magic of Pinterest. 

His fears were pacified.

Project mudroom was on.

I even made a terrible drawing with even more terrible handwriting. I have never had nice handwriting and well, it is what it is, people.

I am beginning to realize that I really enjoy two things about moving. I like staging our house when we have to sell it and I like fixing it and making it nice when we are moving in. 

Really I would stage anyone’s house if they’d be able to deal with me and my “yes you have to take pictures of yourself down and yes you have to declutter like you’ve never decluttered in your life” mentality.

Hey…it works. It might be a PITA but it works.

However, I do not like packing or unpacking. Let’s be clear about that. I like beautifying. Finding the perfect spot for things. Making the house feel like a home.

Right now we are in a holding and planning pattern until we close on the hazmat house. Yesterday we had a marathon day with inspectors and carpet and flooring people and paint and handyman and security and fence people…along with me having a small conversation with our realtor to make sure that she communicated what we (read me) expected in a professional cleaning we are requiring. 

Because you guys. It’s serious. The amount of grime and dirt in places is…we cannot figure out how it even happened. It’s like they took a mixer, filled the bowl with mud and bits of leftovers, picked a random outlet in the house and flipped it on high. Or they just took a sock and dipped it in brown water and went around flinging it against whatever wall they could reach.

And then there are things in places I have no explanation for. Like caked smudges on wall mirrors that require scaffolding to reach.

But that’s not the point. Doing all of this tedious stuff means we are moving closer to getting stuff done!

We as in not really Tim or me directly but still.


The day of contractors definitely was not an easy one for Kellan. He had to do a lot of waiting around and in the rush out the door, I forgot his snacks for the hours long event. Really, I always forget something unless I put a post it on the door with all the things to remember…and still sometimes I forget. 

I told Kellan I would take him to the grocery store as soon as I thought I had a window. Then, when I thought that window was open, I handed Hunter off to Tim while he was still dealing with the floor guy and the inspector.

Kellan and I headed out the door and then the painter and handymen drove up right as we were walking to the car. 

I just looked at Kellan as said, “I’m really sorry but you’re going to have to wait.”

Let me just say he didn’t like that answer at all.

Ensue lots of tears and him reminding me how absolutely hungry he was (let’s pretend we forgot about how we talked about eating breakfast and how he’d be hungry later).

Luckily our real estate agent helped distract him while I went around showing the painter and handymen all the things we wanted painted and fixed. 

I also told them upfront, “Look. We are really particular people. We like everything to be neat and tidy and god forbid there be a crooked line. Hell hath no fury like a crooked line.” 

I think I made my point. Or I scared them. Hard to tell.

I asked Tim at the beginning of this particular relocation process if he thought we were high maintenance, fully expecting him to say, “Us?? Noooooo.”


“What??? No we aren’t! We just know what we like!”


Since then, I’ve just embraced it and have been upfront like, “We are difficult people. We know we are difficult people. We like stuff a certain way. Just a heads up.”

So, back to the STARVING child, by the time I was ready to take Kellan to the store, I’m pretty sure he forgot about eating because he was perfectly happy running through the aisles, picking out stuff, and telling me he wanted it to take a loooooooong time.

Probably because we were retuning to the house of no fun (yet). When we got back I had him go upstairs to the kid room to read the books that were there. I figured it was at least something he’d enjoy so he didn’t have to think about how hot it was. Apparently the owners don’t believe in air conditioning or watering their lawn and plant life.

Anyhow. Wow am I going all over the place. Once we knew our offer for the hazmat house was accepted, Tim made a spreadsheet of estimated costs before we started getting quotes and actual costs.

Anyone have a money tree growing out back because we need to pluck a few dozen or so benjamins.

Apparently I need to get into the handyman and carpet business. I’m not interested in the paint business because I don’t like to paint. Actually if I’m being honest, I’m not interested in the carpet business, either. But I can definitely get excited about some one off creative work requests.

I do think I’m going to have to start teaching myself how to do some things. Maybe go to a few Home Depot workshops or something. Then Kellan, Hunter, and I can build and create all sorts of fun! And save some dollars because WOW.

Obviously Hunter still has some major baby milestones yet to accomplish before he gets down and dirty with construction materials and I am not rushing those baby things at all. He’s already trying to grow up too fast and I’m just over here like wait! How are you almost at the age where you’ve been out longer than you’ve been in???

Dear Time: slow down.

Dear Money Tree: Kellan says you’ll grow if we just plant a dollar in the ground, cover it with dirt, and water it.


Author: Jessica

I prefer barefeet. I love acoustic music. I tell it like it is on paper but I'll smile to your face. Passionate down to the core. Mountains and sunsets calm me. Busy streets make me crazy. Eccentric. Brunette. Amazon woman tall.

6 thoughts on “where’s the money tree?”

  1. You should seriously consider contracting yourself out there for staging homes for people. Even a few houses here and there might be a branch of that money tree you are talking about. Just saying….


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