chicken bees

It’s my new little corner of the interwebs! Is that even a term anymore? Honestly I am so out of the loop….anyway, I had a blog…but I kind of grew out of it and decided I needed a new one and so here we are!


I haven’t exactly added anything to this so bear with me. Time to beautify is currently not on my side. 

To start of this brand spankin’ new blog, I’d like to share that we have a cute new little member of our cast who I have already nicknamed trouble…even though his real name is Hunter.

Ladies…I’m out.

But WOW is Hunter the complete opposite of Kellan. Instead of talking at seven months he is inch worm crawling. Trying to pull up on stuff. Getting into everything. Not afraid of anything. Throw all caution to the wind! What even is caution because who needs that?!

I already put Tim on high alert that we need to lock all the things. If it can be tilted or lifted, bolt it down. Install catch nets on walls and balconies because I am already calling it. He will be climbing anything with footholds and then flinging himself off because wheeeeeeee!

I repeat: He’s s-e-v-e-n months old.

Kellan? He didn’t walk by himself until he was over a year old. He crawled after he walked. He rolled and butt scoogied before that and even then he never left if you told him to stay put. 

Hunter? I cannot even get his diaper off before he’s flipped himself over and is crawling away all I’M FREEEEEE! Don’t even try to put a new diaper on me! I don’t need no stinkin’ clothes, mom!

Kellan, on the other hand, has issues if someone else isn’t wearing socks. Let’s not even go there with nekkid.

A friend at our old house (We just moved! More on that later!) had to bring her own socks to our house if she wore sandals. One time she didn’t and she had to wear my socks because life in Kellan’s world was not okay until her feet were covered.

Long story short: Everybody wears socks.

Anyway. Where was I going with this?…….my memory has become….well it has left me, actually. I now forget what I was going to say as I am saying it. I don’t even know how parents with more than two kids even have a memory. It must all be autopilot.

[re-reading my own blog to try and remember my point]

[It’s not coming back to me]

So anyway. We moved. As in relocated to a new town. Everyone is in transition. We are hopefully going to move into a house soon that basically looks like it came out of the Restoration Hardware catalogue. 

Scratch that.

Scratch allllllllll that.

We are instead moving into what we had deemed the hazmat house.

More on that later…well really here’s the low down quick and dirty version because I will forget I said that and later will never come and then you’ll always be wondering. So here we go, run on sentence style: we put an offer on the Restoration house the day we saw it and then the next day our realtor called me and was like you are not going to believe this…this has never happened to me ever but they decided not to sell their house. We were just like WHAT?! And so then we tried to go see all these other houses we didn’t really like and then Tim sends me a text one day and is all thaaaat hazmat house is starting to look better and beeeeeetter……and I didn’t want to admit it but it really was based on the houses we had been seeing and it wasn’t all that bad of a house, the owners are just very messy and sloppy (read: dog poo in yard, broken toys on steps leading to front door, kids underwear on the floor when we walked in, ginormous hair ball the size of a small animal in the shower door, teddy grahams up the stairs, smears of dog dirt all over the walls by the food bowls, dings and dents and all kinds of things…let’s just say our real estate agent said, in her sweetest southern voice, “it’s been lived in a little hard.”). But we can fix all of these things. The owner is obviously a mom trying her best with two kids and really, I get it. The kid probably hid that underwear in his shirt and then flung it out behind him backwards as they walked out of the house.

But this house has all the things I wanted, like a loft and a basement. Lots of space. So fast forward to today where we decided to put an offer on the hazmat house and we will be fixing all the things. I’m actually really excited about it. Hazmat house here we come!

OH! And guess what?! My point has come back to me after a long, slow circle around the track.

Chicken bees!

Why chicken bees?

Well, earlier I was going to correlate how Kellan decided to focus on vocabulary and talking versus physical abilities while Hunter has clearly gone in the opposite direction. Except I forgot about that correlation until just now, so I better say it before I forget again…

Kellan started talking at 6 months. His first word was DAT! Like I want to see DAT! He then moved on to two word sentences (“I do it” – okay I know that’s technically three….) and hasn’t looked back. 

Even though his vocab is insane, Kellan still says some really cute things. The most recent is “diswhisk.” As in, “I do not like carrots. I diswhisk them.” 

I have no idea where Kellan came up with diswhisk or if he actually means “dismiss,” but I am not correcting him and nor should anybody else because it’s only so long before he figures it out and so please let me have this moment.

Okay…yes…chicken bees. I’m getting there. I was just giving you a little background…so when he was little he used to call chickadees “chicken bees” (and maybe he still does, I’m actually not sure).

At the time I thought it was adorable and I still think it’s adorable.

And I think it fits this new blog perfectly because I am definitely going to talk about chicken and bees…along with plenty of other things that don’t really go together in the same subject area but in the end the room matches because there are enough common things to pull it all together.

That’s pretty much our life. We aren’t the everything matches restoration house. We are the throw a little of this and a little of that and oh yes that’ll probably work house.

Our lives are starting a new chapter and it’s a chapter I want to remember. 

This fresh start after our very, very bumpy ride to get here is making me realize I just need to do the things I want to do and share what I want to share. So I’m just going to hop up on the horse and do it.

Plus, Kellan is now privy to my old blog and he loves it when I read the stories about him. Or he reads them himself because oh, yes. He’s reading. And not just Hop on Pop. He reads everything and I mean let me break it down for you: he correctly read the word “rogue” without anyone telling him how to pronounce it. He told Tim the other day he needed to “bone up” on something and Tim asked him if he knew what that meant and he correctly defined the phrase. 

He’s five.

I don’t even know what to say except it all started with DAT!

Also, it is so fun to go back and relive memories and have this blog as a way Kellan and Hunter can always read about all the things we did and all the stories that would very well be forgotten had I not written them down.

So with that, giddy-up!

And Happy 4th! May you all celebrate with fireworks that I haven’t seen in five years and will be cursing come 10pm when you’re waking up my kids with your loud recklessness. 

My how times have changed.

(Kellan’s face is saying I’m smiling but someone is smoking so really I just want to leave)


Author: Jessica

I prefer barefeet. I love acoustic music. I tell it like it is on paper but I'll smile to your face. Passionate down to the core. Mountains and sunsets calm me. Busy streets make me crazy. Eccentric. Brunette. Amazon woman tall.

5 thoughts on “chicken bees”

  1. Awesome new blog name. I always found it insane how kids could be so completely different from each other, going into my second I thought I knew what to expect but she proved me wrong of course.


      1. Funny enough the hubby and I just talked about that over the weekend! Since this year we are heading to see Jolene. I told him I would like to head your way in the Spring or summer of next year since we are tapped out on planned vacas this year. He said he is game! And yes, she will be mind blown to see him in real life. She just seems to have a thing for him:)

        Liked by 1 person

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